AHCWRK303 Respond to emergencies (Release 1)

Unit Descriptor

This unit covers the process of recognising and responding to emergencies and defines the standard required to: implement emergency preparation procedures; put in place and maintain safety equipment and aids for emergencies; report and record near misses and hazards; document and distribute procedures for evacuation; follow directions in the threat or event of an emergency; apply essential first aid techniques.

Application of the Unit

This unit applies to all workers in agricultural, horticultural and land management industries. It may have to be performed independently but as part of a workplace emergency plan.

Required Skills

  • accurately evaluate the emergency
  • avoid/control escalation of the emergency
  • develop a plan of action decisively
  • efficiently implement a plan of action
  • render first aid care
  • deal with contingencies
  • use literacy skills to read, interpret and follow organisational policies and procedures, follow sequenced written instructions, record accurately and legible information collected and select and apply procedures for a range of tasks
  • use oral communication skills/language competence to fulfil the job role as specified by the organisation, including questioning techniques, active listening, clarifying information and consulting with supervisors as required
  • use numeracy skills to estimate, calculate and record routine workplace measures
  • use interpersonal skills to work with and relate to people from a range of cultural, social and religious backgrounds and with a range of physical and mental abilities.

Required Knowledge

  • the use of safe working practices
  • the emergency network and contacts
  • enterprise plan and evacuation procedures
  • OHS legislative requirements and Codes of Practice
  • legal responsibilities and duty of care
  • use of communications equipment
  • organisational and legal policies and procedures in the event of an accident/incident
  • local call out procedures to access emergency services personnel
  • practical first aid skills using prepared and improvised materials
  • hazard identification, risk assessment and control.

AHCWRK303A Respond to emergencies (Answers)
AHCWRK303A Respond to emergencies
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

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